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  TOKYO JAPANESE-LANGUAGE EDUCATION ORGANIZATION provides strategies and conducts professional assistance to the students
 attanding examinations of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International  Students. Furthermore, we're able to hold counsel with the students who'd like to pursue advanced studies in Japanese universities or a  graduate school (graduate students of Master/Doctor). 

  Here, we have experienced teachers from national, private universities and specialized schools, Japanese Language Course For Foreign  Students, Japanese schools, and staffs with the angent qualification to apply for Procedures for examinations for entries into and departures  from Japan to Immigration Bureau of Japan. Therefore, we're able to make the most reasonable suggestions according to the advantage  of every single student.

  Excepting the assistance of entering higher schools and the consultant of applying visa, our experienced staffs are specialized in the  consultancy for foreigners in International Exchange Divsion of City Hall in Japan,International Exchange Associate etc.. Then they  could offer you various counseling after you 've been in Japan in order to make you understand the policies and laws related to daily lifes  sufficiently which enables you to cut down unnecessary expense from Japanese high prices.


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 2018.3.26 - 2018.4.25

 2018.2.13 - 2018.3.9



A new class has opened in SANBANCYO.

JLPT - First test in 2018 (July)Application Period

EJU - 2018(1st Session)Application Period

JLPT - First test in 2017 (December)Test Result has been sent.



tokyo view


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